Essieo. Creator of VGMP Radio, and the owner of the old Videogamemusic Playlist YouTube Channel. Host of the current VGMP Radio’s YouTube, a writer, and aspring voice actress. She manages the site, reviewing most everything before it’s presented. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact her through the “Contact” page or through a private message on Discord.


Robby is our main music man and active admin of this site. If you’ve ever requested a song of any kind, you’ve most likely spoken to him. He’s kind and willing to answer any music questions you may have. Please note, that’s there’s only so much he can do at one time. If requesting music, try not to contact him with more than 10 songs at a time. Thank you.

VGMP Radio Host. Chuck is an aspiring voice actor, and also runs his own YouTube channel! He’s known for his crude humor and natural “podcast-like” voice. In fact, his channel is filled with fun podcasts for you to enjoy -recommended for those over the age of 18…

VGMP Host and Video Editor for the channel. Neo is an aspiring voice actor who is currently in multiple projects such as a Kingdom Hearts Fandub, and LED with Jess. He also has his own Twitch account.

VGMP Radio Host. Carl is an aspiring voice actor and music performer. Knowing several different languages, he’s able to reach a wider audience with his singing and comedy. He has his own SoundCloud and YouTube channel where he sings covers and maybe even original tracks soon!

VGMP Radio Host. Hayden is our youngest member who also voice acts on the side. Despite his age, he’s incredibly driven. You’ll never hear him curse, even when you anger him (we do not recommend angering him). He currently runs a YouTube Channel specifically for his personal voice acting projects.

Partial Music Hunter, partial Host. Jess is also in other projects besides the station, such as LED (a Code Lyoko Evolution fandub) and his personal YouTube channel.



Our British VGMP Radio Host He’s witty and welcoming, while also being incredibly dedicated to his voice acting career. Max also has his own YouTube channel where he does various gameplay and voice over projects!



VGMP Social Media Director. ManderBandit in charge of our Facebook page and other social media platforms to come. He also has a YouTube for his own projects.

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