(Chuck Plays!) Banjo Kazooie

Watch as Chuck slowly falls into madness in this Banjo-Kazooie one-off! I always knew you would go crazy one day, Chuck… Oh wait, that day already happened… oops -Hayden

(Essieo & GUESTS Play!) Banjo-Tooie

Watch as Essieo plays this old classic with a few guests! Stephanie, how dare you have guests that aren’t from the VGMP team! Shame on you… -Hayden

(Neo Plays!) Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

Watch as Neo goes through his first let’s play on the channel and fights in Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword! I’m expecting great things from you, Neo… -Hayden

New Site! I’ll Explain the New Features

  Hey, Essieo here! Welcome to the new VGMP Radio! With it’s super clever new site name… VGMP Radio 2. So creative, I can barely contain my joy… XD I have worked on this new...

(Essieo Plays!) Twilight Princess HD

I decided to pick up an old favorite now that the HD version of it is out. Zelda games have always been my specialty. But I have to be honest… I failed a lot more...

(Hayden Plays!)- Pokemon Black Nuzlocked

Watch Hayden tackle the oh-so famous Nuzlocke challenge, where Pokemon no longer come back after being defeated. It faints, it’s dead. Poor Hayden. He gets too attached to his Pokemon buddies…