I woke this morning to the seemingly endless chirping of birds and cold winter air blowing through my window. I rolled out of bed, took a look outside and quickly realized that these tweets were sounding from my phone’s alarm. Strange, you know, I thought I had set my alarm to the Rock Clock before I went to bed…whatever. The excitement I briefly experienced faded when I turned back to my phone noticed it was only February. Birds normally signal the arrival of spring. I guess it’s still a little too early for that. I’m going to have to change that alarm.

I’m from a little town at the center of the great lakes and some would suggest that this is the heart of Canada, nature’s garden if you will, and I called it home for a number of years. Growing up, however, my family and I moved all around southern Ontario which gave me opportunities to expand my own knowledge of Canada and its culture. When you live in a small city, in a remote location, it is very difficult to experience what Canada truly has to offer. As such, we never settled in one location for too long as my mother went in pursuit of her education. I guess this constant moving from place to place is where I developed a love for video game music. I never was in one place long enough to make friends and had to rely on video games and my brother (yup! I have a brother. He now lives on Canada’s west coast) to keep entertained. My love for video games gradually grew and I eventually found Final Fantasy and Nobuo Uematsu.

Final Fantasy has had an incredible impact on my life as a person and as a gamer. The very first Final Fantasy game I played all by myself was actually Final Fantasy IV but the first Final Fantasy game I owned was Final Fantasy for the NES. It’s crazy to imagine that I was 3 years old when the first Final Fantasy dropped. Obviously, I couldn’t play it properly or had no idea what I was doing but from what my parents told me, they said I enjoyed it. I apparently enjoyed just hitting the buttons and making the guy move. Eventually, I learned to read by playing both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy IV. I learned to read primarily at 6 years old but by 7, around the time that Final Fantasy IV released, I was able to read in full sentences yet never had the attention span to read a lot. I wanted desperately to play Final Fantasy IV though because it was such a fun game. I managed to get my mum to help me read through all the games text. Eventually, she told me I had to start reading on my own because she obviously had other things to do than sit there and read text to me while I played the game. I’m sure that when I introduce my daughter to video games I’ll try to follow in my mother’s footsteps and introduce her to the many video games that had an impact on my life and also help her forge her own way. Of course, I’m open to her not playing video games as well but I’m hoping she will enjoy living the lives of characters like Link, Chrono, Cloud, among others, like I did including new characters she will be introduced to when she comes of age. In addition, during this time I was introduced to Nobuo Uematsu though it wasn’t until much later that I grew an appreciation for his music. Currently, I only hold one song as my favorite and while I try to be as unique as possible it is most difficult when a composer like Uematsu is super famous. Many people absolutely love this song so I’m not alone in saying that my favorite song is ‘Aerith’s Theme’. I enjoyed the character and the song so much that we named our daughter after the character. Naomi and I once traveled to Toronto to listen to the Distant Worlds concert and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing when ‘Aerith’s theme’ finally played. There are so many songs that hit me right in the feels but nothing is more important to me than that one song. One day, I’ll break down what Aerith’s song means to me as well as have a full-blown discussion on the evolution of Nobuo’s music in a future article so I won’t say much right now!

      1. Aerith's Theme (Piano Collections) - Final Fantasy VII

My apologies, I completely forgot to introduce myself. I ALWAYS do that. Hi! I’m Elliott from The 2P Project and a new contributor here at VGMP Radio! Essieo has left us with an amazing legacy and I am incredibly honored to contribute and collaborate on projects for this growing atmosphere of video game music lovers with Robu and other contributors! For you guys, I will make every attempt to deliver the best content that I can. Being a huge fan of video game music, I’m always searching for different playlists, songs, albums, and soundtracks and on one particular day, while conducting a search for new music, I came across the original Video Game Music for Studying playlist and Youtube channel. I had been searching for playlists that were perfect for studying/working. You can imagine the immense joy I had when I came across the channel. At one time these playlists were the only music I listened to at work while my co-workers would listen to the radio. I was, however, disheartened when Essieo announced that no further updates would be made to the channel but that other ventures were being pursued. I continued to follow through the first iteration of the website that was erected yet I always found myself going back to those original playlists. Another Youtuber has since taken over the playlists, keeps them fairly updated and does a great job. I always wanted to offer help in some fashion as I felt a need to give back to the original community after listening to those playlists for so long! After sending a couple of messages out with no replies from anyone, I was on the hunt!

Let me tell you, finding the discord was pretty difficult as the original Youtube channel had been shut down. I did some google searching but nothing turned up. Then when all hope was lost, I thought, hey why don’t I check out the website that had been made shortly after the Youtube channel went down. Here I came across a link to a new website. I instantly clicked and was whisked away to the new website where the discord channel was located on the bottom of the page but no invite link. I was thoroughly stumped. Eventually, I came across the link to the ‘newish’ VGMP Youtube channel but I knew it had not had any activity in a few months since I had been following before Christmas. Anyway, that led me to a couple of videos where I found my shiny invitation and made contact with VGMP!

Before I leave, I should mention that I’m hoping to have an article out once per week every Saturday. If for some reason life keeps me busy like it did last weekend, and I can’t make a post, don’t be sad. The article is coming, it’s just a little delayed. If this ever happens, I’ll post to my twitter account and let everyone know so feel free to follow me or VGMP for all your updates (all links posted on the bottom of this article).  Though this is just an intro article I hope it gave you a great introduction to who I am and a small snapshot of what you can expect to receive from me in future content! I’m really looking forward to collaborating and delivering content on the music and video games we have all come to love! Thanks for having me!

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