***That’s really all I can say…. I mean… it’s here so…. yeah. Click the link, or the main link above…. Halloween is spooky. So…. yeah. Spooky game music. You’re welcome… Uh, Happy Halloween? Yeah, go scare people and get candy! Well, not now. Wait until Halloween… or not. I don’t control you. You’re an independent person. I think? I mean, there’s a possibility you’re not… Some people choose to be dependent rather than independent. Whatever. I don’t judge. I’m just a person, you know? No bias… You do you, boo. Oh, “boo”. That’s a spooky word. Halloween, yeah, that’s what I was talking about. Go click that link, kiddo! …

I’m going to go to bed now….

<3 Essieo ***

Author: vgmpradio

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