(Hayden Plays!) Portal

Watch as Hayden goes through the brain-frying experience that is Portal! This game is seriously gonna be the death of me, I can feel it… Advertisements

(Chuck Plays!) Dark Souls

Watch as Chuck plays through this very heart-breaking and soul crushing adventure of Dark Souls. Enter this series… if you dare… Or if you don’t dare, that’s totally cool too… -Hayden

(Chuck Plays!) Banjo Kazooie

Watch as Chuck slowly falls into madness in this Banjo-Kazooie one-off! I always knew you would go crazy one day, Chuck… Oh wait, that day already happened… oops -Hayden

(Essieo & GUESTS Play!) Banjo-Tooie

Watch as Essieo plays this old classic with a few guests! Stephanie, how dare you have guests that aren’t from the VGMP team! Shame on you… -Hayden