Hey, Essieo here! Welcome to the new VGMP Radio! With it’s super clever new site name… VGMP Radio 2. So creative, I can barely contain my joy… XD I have worked on this new site for you guys for a couple of weeks now, with the help of our main music man Robby. As you can see just by the front page, there are a lot of new features added. I took all the requests you guys made and used them in developing this new site. I want to take a moment and explain a few of them here.

Front Page: This will be the source of all new information regarding the site (ex. new music added) and channel (ex. new video uploaded), along with showcasing projects done by my team. Also, written segments by me such as this one to pass along info.

Side Bar: To the left is an easy accessible list of all of the game music radios. Underneath explains the use of our new chat system using Discord. And right below that will be our Twitch livestream, to be announced. And lastly, is a list of my latest posts so you can stay updated on what’s going on. All of these features will be on every page you click besides the Staff Page.

Footer: At the bottom of each page, you’ll notice live social media updates from sources like our Twitter and Facebook. Along with that is the Discord server that tells you how many of our listeners and team are currently online. On the far right of the footer is a calendar. It not only helps you organize your week, but serves as an additional way to find posts by date. Simply click a date on the calendar, and you’ll be sent to whatever was posted that day (if anything).

Discord: Instead of having a live chat at the bottom of each playlist (that you can only seem to access on a computer and half the time logs you out. Oh my god, I hated it so much. Can you tell??) you have been gifted a public server that you can always log onto via phone, tablet, computer, what have you. I have created this per request, and I thought it was brilliant. Simply click the “Connect” button on the Discord widget, and you’ll be invited to the server automatically. I’ll be making separate Text Channels for Music Requests, so stay tuned!

Playlists: As you may have noticed, even the players are different. These hold 70 songs each! 20 more than the last. They also list completely on mobile, so you can easily select what songs you’d like to hear without having to hit the “next” button 100 times. This was also made this way per request.  Hope you guys like it. I haven’t been able to make single songs repeat on them yet, but I’ll keep working to find a solution to that.

Everything else is pretty self-explanatory, especially if you’ve used the old website. The old one will be gone soon. We plan to make this one our main site, and it will be constantly improving as time goes on. If you have any questions, please contact me through Discord or the Contact page. Hope you guys like the new radio. It has taken me quite some time…  lots of coffee has been consumed…. pretty sure I’m at least 1% coffee bean now… It’s still in it’s first stage, so expect updates quite often.

Thanks for the support, guys! Without you, this would’ve never been created <3 I want to do my best for all of you. Hopefully this shows my efforts to some degree. I’ll do everything in my power to keep improving and keep doing bigger and better things for all of you.

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5 thoughts on “New Site! I’ll Explain the New Features

  1. Congrats on the new/updated site! Looking good! Thanks for all you do!
    One question for you: Do the new Cue players have a shuffle-play option?

    1. Aw, thank you!!

      And not yet. I’m currently looking for a way to improve the players, but for now they are without 🙁

  2. New site looks almost as awesome as your face… Maybe even better!
    Love you <3

  3. Wow loving it! And a Twitch account coming soon? w00t thank you for everything you do for us <3

    1. Aw, yay ^^ I’m glad you like everything. It took quite some time and coffee to make XD And yes, the Twitch account is already in the works too <3

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